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During the trips we need to make stops to rest. In these establishments you will be able to rest and…

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For Families

If you are traveling with children or with more members of your family, then you are looking for a specific…

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On an island

All these accommodations are located on an island. In locations near the beach, inland, urban, beach, but they all have…

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On the beach

For those who consider themselves crazy animals, we have the best selection of hotels with water slides, to enjoy refreshing…

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In the mountains

If you are looking to stay in the middle of nature, in lodgings located in mountain ranges or mountains and…

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In rural areas

Do you want to enjoy a few days in a village or in the countryside? In these accommodations you can…

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If what you are looking for is to have all meals and drinks included in the price, here are a…

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With SPA

Accommodations that have SPA. in them you can relax, disconnect and finally enjoy a few moments of rest, alone, with…

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Even if you’ve never visited the United States, the country’s attractions need no introduction. From the Statue of Liberty to the Grand Canyon, it’s all familiar from countless movies and TV shows and its role as a global superpower. Its sheer size translates into a sublime cocktail of sights, sounds and cultures to explore. The United States may be a relatively young nation, but it knows how to build unforgettable cities.

On the East Coast, see New York’s iconic skyscrapers and eat lobster in Boston. On the West Coast, stroll the crazy, winding streets of San Francisco and visit the authentic La La Land in Los Angeles. Inland, play craps in Las Vegas. You’ll find a different America in each world-famous city.

Then there are the breathtaking, epic views. Countless. There’s a reason road trips are so appealing. Head north to breathe in Alaska’s wilderness and the majestic peaks of the Rockies, tour the glories of its famed Yosemite and Yellowstone national parks, look up to the towering rainforests of the Pacific Northwest, take in the sublime New England countryside on the East Coast…just a few of its natural wonders. And with so many hotels here, from popular chains to world-class accommodations, from cheap motels to beach resorts, you’ll always find the right lodging for you.

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